Friday, October 25, 2013

Holiday Design Challenge

It's time for another design challenge! The theme is here on the blog and the WEST forum on etsy. Take this inspiration in whatever direction your imagination leads. The goal is to challenge yourself, be inspired and enjoy the creative process!

dark green leather journal by we are bound together

As you think about the theme, add comments to the discussion thread on Etsy about your process. Take pictures of your process and the finished item and post them in the discussion thread when you are done. It's interesting and inspiring to others to hear the story about how you arrived at your finished product, so go ahead and share a few comments about your process! The results of the challenge will be posted after the deadline, and then voting for your favourite will commence. 

cloth and bamboo potty training pants by Tawny Bee

vintage wood and iron wheel pulley from Mira On The Wall

The new theme for this challenge is holiday gifts for him! What would you make for dad, your husband, uncle joe, or even your little one? You've got all of November to come up with your design ideas and create. The deadline for this challenge is Friday December 6, with the entries being posted on Monday December 9. When the entries are posted, you can vote for your favourite entry. The winner will be featured on the blog side bar until the next design challenge. 

A few notes:
Create something new, especially for the challenge. Entries for each challenge must be finished by the posted deadline. Vintage and supply sellers are welcome to participate too, with a focus on artful photography and careful choice of item. 

Happy designing! I hope this challenge and the few ideas I found in WESTie shops inspire you! 
Ready... Set... Get Creative! 

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