Saturday, November 2, 2013

WESTies spotted! : C4 and Maker's & Market

 I went double-duty yesterday and attended both C4 - Central Canadian Comic Con and Frame's November Maker's Market with camera in hand. I got to hang out with fellow WESTies and meet some rad vendors with a heap of talent.

..Oh, how the tables have turned..

C4 is running until Sunday evening! Be sure to check out the two floors containing a few hundred vendors!

On to the Maker's & Market --

Spent my life savings with
Milenna / justthegoods

Kami / marathon1981

Deb and Andee / Andorah's Feast
filling me up with their rad treats, as always

Susana / missthreads

Want to be a part of these events? Check out the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team page on Etsy to learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

photos by Caitlin of real swanky / decent photography. 


  1. love it!!! also, yer the best craft show document-er in the whole of winnipeg =-) Thanks Caitlin, and thanks for giving JTG as a giftie to ppl you wuv =-) <3

    1. Milenna! I adooore your table. The lemon & coriander moisturizer is AMAZING, I'll be grabbing a full size jar next time. Your sweet orange lip balm and lavander hand cream is on it's way to Ohio as we speak :)


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