Monday, December 23, 2013

An Unexpected Christmas Gift

Earlier this week I got an email from a  recipient of an Etsy purchase of one of my bowls. I processed the order as requested by the buyer, but didn't realize that I didn't get the persons name.  So an unexpected gift for me in these comments, but also for the recipient.

It was a bowl that I really liked, but I was pleased and surprised to receive this lovely note.

Dear Nancy,
We have just received and opened a lovely pottery bowl from you! It arrived in perfect condition and the colours are perfect in our home. We are delighted by this wonderful gift, but are mystified about who might have bought it for us. Santa comes to mind at this time of year. We have no relatives in Manitoba. So...we ask that you please divulge the name of the gift giver so that we can extend our warmest thanks!!
Looking forward to hearing from you and thanking you for your artistic talents that
brought this bowl to us...

Nancy of Nancy Blokland Pottery

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