Thursday, January 2, 2014

Make a Life Organizer

Life organizer for 2014

A new year means we get to turn over a new leaf and make resolutions to change and improve our lives for the coming year. Every year among my many resolutions I always have plans to be more organized: to keep on top of the papers and the to do lists and plans for the year. I am always interested in anything that might help me organize my life. Many people have moved to digital organizers, which are very tidy and work for many, but for some reason I am still in favour of the physical paper organizers--and there are still some things that digital doesn't work for. If you are like me, and enjoy the physical nature of paper over electronics, or for the things that just need to be on paper, this organizer may be just what you need to make.

This life organizer has many pockets, made with file folders, double sided tape and scrapbook paper. To make my organizer I followed the first 2 lap book tutorials by Kathy Orta and then from there I took ideas from Linda’s video on the life organizer her sister made and customized it for my personal and business organization (see the links below).
Since making my organizer I have added photos, lists for what to take to the shows, Christmas gift lists and ideas, quotes and more ideas. I also made one for my mom for Christmas and she loved it.
Then to make the base for the organizer I followed the Lap book tutorial part 1 and part 2 by Kathy  Orta

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