Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life Changing Square

This humble looking little apparatus is a godsend for small businesses. This one is the Square which allows me to have credit card sales anywhere I can connect to the internet and have my android or Iphone. It is supplied to small businesses for free and I have been using it for about a year. I now laugh when I get a delivery from a huge multi-national delivery service or go to Kid City and they are hand writing paper slips for credit card sales. When I bring out the Square and my phone, some people seem to be bamboozled and perplexed, but I have not had anybody reject the offer so far!

I am not being paid for this blog post I promise, even if it sounds like a promotional. I just would like to let you know about my own good experience. The only downside has been using it in metal roofed venues, where internet service can be poor. When I am out in the wilds of Manitoba with no cash machine for many, many kilometres, it is great to have a mobile device!

Never having been good at paperwork, I am highly appreciative of the great record keeping and instantaneous transaction process. PayPal plans to bring something to Canada but that is going to happen at some unknown date in the future. So for now, I am grateful for the Square and the other crafters that have shown me how to use it effectively.

This post is the personal opinion of Nancy of NancyBloklandPottery.

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