Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where WESTies Create: Colour Addiction

Our Studio started out as a bedroom for my daughters, painted all pretty and pink. When we added an addition onto the house it turned into the craft room, which was waist deep in beads, pipe cleaners, paints and brushes, fabric scraps, buttons, toilet paper roll crafts. If you are crafty and have 3 girls, then you know what that looked like. And yes I am only exaggerating a little when I say waist deep. 

In September I spent a week rescuing the room and thus claiming it 90% for the tent making. Now we call it The Craft-Art-Sewing-Colouraddiction-Studio-Room. Funny name I know--let me tell you why. One day I decided “Now that I am making a mark in this word as a real artist I need a studio.” So I told the kids “From now on we will call the craft room - The Studio.” **With nose in the air** “If I am planning on being a professional I have to, you know, act like one and talk like one.” **insert children snickering** “It’s just a craft room mom.” **sigh** And so it is, but I had my heart set on "A Studio," so I tried my hardest to say Studio. But every time the room needed to be named (for the same reason when you want to call one of your children by name you list everyone, including the dog, first before you get to the right name), I could never get Studio out first. So I guess it will be what it will be no matter what I wish it would be, so I have surrendered to it.

Without further ado let me introduce you to The Craft- Art- Sewing-Colouraddiction-Studio-Room, where we make the tent magic happen.

The space is cozy and colourful just perfect for getting inspired.

A long rack with fabrics I have pre-cut hangs along one wall. There is fabric everywhere and it is obvious that we have a healthy addiction to colour.

Sitting at the serger I can see a tent that we are working on. It is hanging on a clothes line we use to hang the panels, ribbons and flags as we design new tents.

When I lift my eyes from the sewing machine I can see the snow and sky and squirrels in the apple tree in our front yard. 

The Fabrics all get washed and hung to dry. In the summer the yard becomes part of our work space.

When the tent is almost done it gets hung in the living room (or outside in the summer) where there is more space to do the final touches.

Then it’s time to take a break and enjoy the fruits of our labour. All tent are pre-tested.
Thanks for taking a look through The Craft-Art-Sewing-Colouraddiction-Studio-Room.

Make sure you check out this beautiful feature of Cindy and Colour Addiction, such magical creations!

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