Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Design Challenge Entries

The theme for the latest WEST Design Challenge was "winter - make the best of it." 

Here are all of this month's entries, in order of submission. There is a poll at the end of this post. VOTE for your favourite submission! The poll will be open for one week, and the winner will receive a special spot of recognition on the blog until the next design challenge!

Andrea from WeAreBoundTogether says "Thinking of spring with the wood burned artwork of this journal. The artwork is my own, which I then burned onto the natural wood using a method called pyrography.  Wood is covered with a thin coating of Danish oil to protect it from age. The book is bound with a Coptic stitch, a method of bookbinding dating back a couple thousand years. Looking forward to seeing the little leaves coming on the trees outside!"

Jenn from BlueCamelBaby says "For me making the best of winter was getting back to sewing something I have missed doing for several years. My sewing machine and serger sat idle covered in dust for far too long. Nothing gets you back in sewing shape like tiny ovals. Here is my entry: the Reusable Scrubbies/Makeup Pads."

Laura from PrariePeasant says "I chose this journal because of the title, Utopia. Living here in Manitoba, we need to look for the positive things around us. While it may not be a perfect place, there are some pretty good things here. We don't have to go to a deserted island to find our Utopia, it can be right here."

Lisa from Bitchin'Kitsch'n'Kitchen says "I've decided on something! These glasses really help take my mind off this ridiculously long winter!"

Marlene from Magination says "As most of us do not wear proper footwear in winter: here's something to help with the low boots that didn't work well with all the snow we've had this winter. These boot cuffs are new to my shop this winter. It's all about fashion and we are tough Canadians so at least your lower shins will look good and be warm. It looks like you may need these in March and April if it doesn't warm up soon!"

Emily from EmmaRuthJewelryCo says "Are you all missing your gardens yet? I know I am! I chose this rose pendant necklace for the challenge. Each one I make is as unique in design and shape as those beautiful flowers that grow in our gardens. I start out with about a foot of plated wire and hand shape it into these beautiful rose shape pendants. The free form creative process makes them all one of a kind - no two are exactly the same, just as in the way Mother Nature creates! The pendant comes dangled on 18 inches of delicate but sturdy chain in your choice of finish."

Vote for your favourite design challenge entry on the poll below. Only one vote is allowed, so be sure to choose your fave! 

The poll will close in one week on Saturday, March 1, at midnight, and the result will be posted on Sunday. The talented winner will receive a spot of recognition on the WEST blog until the next design challenge. 

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