Friday, April 11, 2014

Coping 101 or What I do before I hit the wall!

Nancy Blokland, photo courtesy of Caitlin Schlamb

I know that I am about to lose it because (and it is all self imposed) I have committed myself to tooooo much (mostly creating custom pottery orders for my business, NancyBloklandPottery) when the Monkey brain takes over in the middle of the night and I am perseverating over a booth set up or the glaze on a piece of pottery. I have a number of big sales like WEST Handmade and Vintage coming up this month, but seriously, what is the worst that can happen if I mess up on any  of these things? Really nothing, but that doesn't seem to stop me at the special period between 3-5 am when I cannot turn off my brain!

Luckily, I get times to do some self care like I had the last three days. I went loopy on social media, but I also indulged in seeking inspiration and renewal through dining out and shopping. Fortunately, I was in Brandon, so I had cool places to do these things without facing Toronto or Miami prices. I am grateful for this, but need to be mindful that I need to be more proactive in my own self care and trying out new things, if I want to continue to be a fun Muddy Mama.

Here are some of my photos, and I am planning a Me Day for late April in a different location. I feel like a new woman...
Mile high Mud Pie at Montanas, half portion, so decadent

Wine and Cheese Salad, and Chicken, Lemon Rice Soup at Lady of the Lake

Saskatoon Pie, tastes of Summer at the Wildflower Cafe in the Hub in Brandon

Fairy Garden Inspiration at Lady of the Lake

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