Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Etsy Tips - Creating a Coupon

Did you know that you can create coupon codes for your Etsy shop?

You sure can! Coupon codes are a great way to thank your customers, promote your shop, and appease a customer is a not-so-nice situation. There are many options for coupon codes, and you get to set the amounts. You can create up to 100 coupon codes, so you can create one to suit any need you may have.

To get started go to the drop down menu which appears from the "Your Shop:" link, located from the top right hand corner of most pages.

If you have never made a coupon you will be greeted with an offer to do so.

Click the Create New Coupon button to get started.

One very important thing to remember is that once you make a coupon code, you cannot edit it, and you can not make it again. For this reason, it is advisable not to delete any of your coupons after they have been made, you never know when you want to activate it again.

You can add personality to a code, to help people remember to use it such as the event (boxing day, thank you) and/or the amount offered.

If it as "Thank You Coupon" then you may check the corresponding box to get Etsy working for you in sending out the code automatically to each buyer upon purchase.

The Discount Type can be either free shipping, with the option to have it valid on domestic shipping only, percent discount off the entire subtotal (before shipping or tax), or a fixed discount, or dollar amount off the order.

You can further customize the coupon options by setting a minimum purchase that must be met before a coupon can be applied, encouraging the customer to order more.

The expiration date is just that. When they expire, the codes do not get deleted, but simply get set to "inactive".

Check active or inactive, depending on if you want to code to be available immediately or sometime in the future.

Click "add coupon" and your good to go!

All of your codes will be displayed on the Coupon Codes page. Here you can keep track of how many codes you have, discount type, the date they were created, how many times the code has been used, expiration date and their status.

To change the status of a code, simply click over Active or Inactive and a window will pop up giving you the option to do so.

You now have the ability to pass these savings onto your customers and promote your shop! Some ways to promote your coupon codes are on business cards, blogs, Facebook, Twitter or even in your shop welcome message.

Hope it brings some business your way!

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Andrea Davis resides in Winnipeg. A proud member of WEST for 2 years and the owner of "We Are Bound Together", a shop where 100% of the proceeds go to charities. Check out her shop, or blog.

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