Sunday, April 13, 2014

Earth Day Design Challenge Entries

The theme for the latest WEST Design Challenge was Earth Day. WESTies were encouraged to design or curate something  focused on re-using, recycling, up-cycling and reducing our impact. 

Here are all of this month's entries, in order of submission. There is a poll at the end of this post. VOTE for your favourite submission! The poll will be open for one week, and the winner will receive a special spot of recognition on the blog until the next design challenge!

Dayle from vbling says: "I [was] very excited about this design challenge and got to work right away with something I've been wanting to make for ages." Her lovely necklace is already sold!

Krista from KristasJewellery says: "I bought a pair of earrings a while ago and never ever wore them or knew what to do with them so I took the aluminum charm off of one of them and made it the focal point of this necklace. I used three Picasso jasper stones as they are an earthy green and felt that they went well with the classic black and white of the pendant."

Laura from PrairiePeasant says: "These miniature book necklaces are made from recycled leather, vintage buttons and offcuts of paper from larger projects. I have been wanting to work more with leather and these little mini books are the perfect project to start off with. All the leather I have is either scraps salvaged from various sources or garments that friends have given me, knowing that I might be able to use the leather in some way."

Lisa from BitchinKitsch'n'Kitchen says: "This Earth Day, celebrate by whipping up a nice, fresh batch of home-squeezed juice! Perfect for oranges, lemons, limes, or tomatoes! This fantastic juice press has survived since the 1930s, and has many more years of life in it."

Andrea from WeAreBoundTogether says: "The wood that covers the book are from salvaged scraps and leftover oak wood. Wood is sanded smooth and lightly finished with non-toxic danish oil which retains the natural colour of the wood. The script has been hand burned with a pyrography pen. Working with wood has been a rewarding experience, I love the earthiness and feel of wood and that these pieces are no longer in the back of a scrap pile."

Vote for your favourite design challenge entry on the poll below. Only one vote is allowed, so be sure to choose your fave!

The poll will close in one week on Sunday, April 20, at midnight, and the result will be posted on Earth Day. The talented winner will receive a spot of recognition on the WEST blog until the next design challenge. 

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