Thursday, June 19, 2014

Etsy Made in Canada - Manitoba Edition

WEST, Compendium Artist Market and Etsy Canada are joining forces to bring Manitoba an Etsy Made in Canada event!
September 27
10am to 4pm
St James Civic Center
2055 Ness Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba

Events will be happening across Canada! Check it out!

Been to WEST sales and thought, hey, I should do that?
Interested in joining us as a vendor?
Apply here
Open to application by all Manitoban Etsy shop owners

Don't have your own Etsy shop?
Now's the time!
Use our promo code for 20 free listings when you open your shop using this link

Want to volunteer at this crafty event as a demonstrator or crafty maven?
Send your proposal to

Satisfied being a valued customer and shopping local, while sipping a cup of joe and rocking to some tunes?
Save the date!

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  1. This is right in my neighborhood! Thanks for posting the info I will be thinking about this...


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