Thursday, November 20, 2014

Time for Dessert-Flan from Cuba!

Cuba is a country of tradition, and Flan, aka Creme Caramel is one of those traditions. Every celebration meal ever made in my Cuban household has included Flan. I always made the simple classic, but it certainly can be modernized with coffee or pumpkin to suit your tastes. This is a timeless recipe I have made many, many times in a pressure cooker in a cut down coffee can (also traditional). If you dont want to work with a pressure cooker, you can use a  bain de Marie or a pan of water in the lower rack of the oven to keep it moist. This recipe version is taken from the Blog My Big Fat Cuban Family.  While we may differ politically, we all love the food. Apparently a family member is coming from Cuba in December, so I better start practicing again to make the Classic Dessert of every Cuban celebration. 

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