Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Etsy Canada Captains Summit

On February 2 and 3, Etsy Canada hosted over 40 Canadian Captains from across Canada!

From coast to coast: Tofino to Charlottetown and as far north as Whitehorse and Fort McMurray, team captains traveled through the snow to attend this conference of networking and knowledge sharing.

Did the little bit of snow in Toronto stop us? hardly!

From Winnipeg, myself and Ryan Poworoznik, of Compendium Artist Market, were fortunate to return to the summit for a second year. Last year it was all new and led to 23 markets this past September with over 45,000 attendees!

This year we anticipate close to 50 markets and at least double the attendees! It's a lot of pressure to have such high expectations after last year's amazing day, but luckily the 2015 Manitoba edition of Etsy Made in Canada committee also has Jennifer Cloutier of WEST and Blue Camel Baby joining the organizing team!

The summit was amazing beyond belief; the highlight for me personally was winning the summit's only Achievement Award--I was for once speechless. I wasn't speechless when I shared with the group a few tips on encouraging your team and fostering volunteerism. I was a small part of an amazing program of dedicated and commited creative community organizers.

I have made so many friends from my experiences in Toronto at the Captain's summit. I was so sad to see this event end but I'm excited about all the things we have planned for September 26, 2015 for the Manitoba market. We plan to bring you, our loyal local Etsy fans, an even bigger and better market so mark your calenders!

WEST Captain
Etsy Made in Canada co-chair for Manitoba 2015

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