Monday, February 16, 2015

Miscellaneous Mondays: Inspiration from a Thrift Store Find

Inspiration from a Thrift Store Find with Angela from Heartleafdesign

Wandering through a favourite thrift store, I found this amazing top. 

I couldn't believe my luck. It’s perfect for the summer. Well, summer being so far away, I couldn't wait. I’ve worn it to work several times now and….it’s just so me. I just love it!

Last week, while wearing this top, I had an idea pop into my head about the ruffles. I wondered if I could replicate those lovely ruffles with my wire crochet. And so the creative process begins. It took a couple of different attempts at crocheting in double and treble stitch, and playing with the stitch lengths, to finally come up with a design. I think I’ve got it!

Add a few extras and lo and behold…..a new earring design is born.

I now have a new original design. I think I will keep it! I love this process. I love creating something unique. Sharing these designs with my customers lets them feel the excitement of wearing an original too. 


  1. I love that feeling - when that "I wonder if" in your mind turns into a beautiful finished project! Great work!


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