Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WESTie Wednesday - featuring Narra Nest!

Welcome to WESTie Wednesday, where each week we get to know a proud WEST member and their Etsy shop! This week we're learning about Danielle and her Etsy shop Narra Nest!


"Hi! I'm Danielle, owner of Narra Nest and new mom to a smart, funny, happy, troublemaking, beautiful 10 month old girl named Juniper. While pregnant with Junebug and servicing my raging nesting hormones, I began sewing items for the new nursery; a change pad cover, crib skirt, sheets, etc. Perhaps the fog of my never-ending-morning-sickness was playing tricks on my mind, but somewhere along the line I began to think that perhaps these adorable and cuddly little baby items could be the perfect marriage between my love of sewing and my lifelong dream of entrepreneurship. 

I am inspired by the everyday rituals I share with Juniper; snuggling up to nurse before her nap, reading a book before bedtime, listening to her baby babble chatting while we eat our lunch. It means the world to me that my products will be there with your little one for the bath time cuddles, the bedtime stories, the Saturday morning cartoons, the picnic blanket lunch times, the first night in the big girl bed, and all the other special moments along the way."


"Narra Nest uses only 100% certified organic fabrics, which means your precious babe can snuggle her skin right into that blanket without you worrying about any nasty chemicals found in conventionally farmed cotton (one of the world's dirtiest crops). I create every item for Narra Nest by hand in my home studio in Manitoba, Canada. My husband and I have recently relocated to a century old farmhouse on an acreage near his home town, and am I incredibly lucky to have a nice big space in our home to devote to Narra Nest. If farmhouse renovations and learning to homestead are your thing, make sure to follow our adventures (and misadventures, ha!) on Instagram @narranest!"


"Narra Nest is home to 100% organic gifts and accessories for babies and children. My current line up includes baby blankets, burp cloths, baby and toddler bibs, and bandana bibs. I plan to expand this fall into a few apparel items, quilts, and nursery decor items. Most of my clients are mothers purchasing items for their own children, or other women shopping for gifts. My clients are typically concerned with the environment, and looking for products that are produced in more eco-friendly ways, like organic cotton."

Want to see more? Be sure to check out Danielle on social media!

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