Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WESTie Wednesday ft. OakhornShop!

Welcome to WESTie Wednesday, where each week we get to know a proud WEST member and their Etsy shop! Learn about Lauren and her Etsy shop Oakhorn Shop!

My name is Lauren and I love knitting, languages, and travelling, even if it's simply taking a flight of fancy. OakhornShop developed out of a love for exploring and discovering the world, if only on a sofa at home. I started knitting maps on socks, but was eager to try something new, and made my first knit map in January, 2014, as a gift for a friend. I enjoyed the process so much that I have continued to knit my way around the world, even making custom orders of different countries. Knitting maps enables me to work in a medium I love, using a variety of colours and soft textures, while taking imaginary trips across the country and around the globe. I have lived in France and Germany, and am proud to call Winnipeg home."

"I make knit map artwork, that means knitting to hang on a wall and warm the room it's in. These maps are 8x10 and come shipped in a box to protect the map. They are all made with sock grade wool to allow for intricate details."

"I really love it when other people get excited by what I do and take an interest in fine knitting. Etsy is a place to share that with others!"

Check back soon, OakhornShop's preparing to reveal some exciting new products!

Want to see more? Be sure to check out Angela on social media!

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