Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WESTie Wednesday with Nancy Blokland Pottery

Welcome to WESTie Wednesday, where each week we get to know a proud WEST member and their Etsy shop! Learn about Nancy and her Etsy shop Nancy Blokland Pottery!

"I make high fire porcelain and stoneware pottery. I sell online, at shows and markets in Manitoba and Saskatchewan as well as brick and mortar locations."

"My life has been as a maker: my mother was a master seamstress and my dad was a farmer/gardener, and I have been continuing these traditions my whole life. I started clay making when I was 12, and this wonderful obsession has been part of my story ever since. Etsy allows me to challenge myself to take decent photos of my work, to be part of online commerce and a wonderful community of makers and curators."

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"I love making and selling, and using leaves and flowers from my garden along with the clay is energizing for me. I like hearing shoppers' comments, and this is how I started making yarn bowls and buttons--some of my best sellers!"

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"My (shop's) demographic is typically female, but increasingly more men show an interest in handmade work."

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 We also asked Nancy, "Why Etsy?"

 "To sell to a broader world wide audience and to keep up with current trends."

Want to see more? Be sure to check out Nancy on social media!

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  1. Wow, Nancy’s works look amazing! That is some fine craftsmanship. And she has certainly made a wise choice, working with you fellow Etsy sellers and being a part of an aggregate blog. I’m sure you’ve all benefited from such a setup. Cheers!

    Madeline Rice @ SEO Marketing Machine


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