Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Make your own grapevine wreaths: Tutorial Tuesday

Wreaths are all the rage, and if you like a natural rustic feel, then make your own grapevine wreath form. Lots of folks grow grapes, and their grapes are likely harvested now, so carpe diem. Get out there and prune some grape vines before it gets too frosty!

Cut 10-15 lengths of 8 foot long vines with a garden pruner or machete. Strip the leaves off the vines as they will only dry and fall off later. The pieces should be very pliable; bend them into the form or shape that is pleasing to you.

You can use some twine to secure the ends after weaving or braiding three or four of the longest strongest pieces. They are vines, so the widths may be uneven--add in other pieces to make it the thickness you are seeking. This is  a great family activity while watching the wildlife in your yard and getting ready for winter. When you have your wreath, hang it in a dry place for a week or two to stiffen up. Decorate it with dried flowers such as wheat, gomphrena or statice.

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