Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Ning Admin!

Tux the Linux Penguin

Working quietly behind the scenes this WEST team member keeps our team forum on Ning humming along smoothly.
She's also been doing the weekly team member features and I just knew she would never do one on herself!

Pink Owls Baby Set

A hard working creative stay at home mom, Tawny of TawnyBee manages to help WEST, keep her upcycled shop running and look after her two rambunctious cutie pie kidlets!

I had the joy of meeting her a few weeks back at a craft sale and was very excited to walk away from her table with more than a few holiday gifts. I really admire how she uses the materials she has available to her and fashions creative and earth friendly items.

Candy Apple Boy Cut Panties

When I read on her blog - which is one of my fav's by the way! - that today is her birthday I just knew what I had to do!

Happy Birthday Tawny! May the next year bring you peace, joy and many Etsy sales!!!


  1. Awww thank you Ruth! You are a sweetie! You made my day! :)


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