Friday, July 22, 2011

Tools for Etsy Shop Promotion

'Verde Vida' by NancyBloklandPottery

All things green and living or life giving....

Ivy Loves Summer Pe...


Splashed Away - 24 ...


Green Face Pitcher


ECOGRO Primitive Te...


SALE was 185 USD Fe...


Dragonfly, a 6x6 ra...


Natural Turguoise a...


CUSTOM for you - co...


Organic Dinosaur Ka...


Best Seller-Tessie ...


Cabbage Patch Rabbi...


Large USA Pottery t...


Felted Flowers Tote...


Aqua Paper Bowl


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

When you've been fortunate enough to be included in a treasury it's fun to blog about it!
Using Etsy treasury HTML code generator allows you to not only do a sized screen capture as the tool lets you select how many columns of items to display, BUT it also allows the viewer of said lovely treasury to direct click through to each item! slick yes? And as an added bonus there are 3 sizes to choose from. Definitely one of my favorite promo tools!

Lovely treasury Nancy!

Google Analytics
is where I go to monitor view activity on my Etsy shop. With it you can check out how many repeat visitors you get to your shop or blog, how long they stay and where they came from. Definitely useful information and worth the bit of time it takes to set it up. Not a direct promotional tool, but useful to see how your efforts in other promotional areas are going.

You need to drive eyes to your Etsy shop as eyes = sales. Yes, many are tire kickers but the more folks you have looking the better your chances are for more sales.

Another great way to get more eyes on your Etsy shop is to optimize your searchability or commonly called SEO (search engine optimization).
This means being aware of where Google, Yahoo, Bing or similar tools will look into your shop when a living breathing human being enters a search into their browser.
Take the time to read and use this Etsy help article. Pay close attention to the section that takes about the two important SEO elements for your Etsy shop pages, which are your Shop Title and Shop Announcement.

Now is the time to work on setting up Google Analytics and SEO for your Etsy shop so you are ready for the busy fall shopping season!

Team members can go to the team forum for a team only discussion on this topic.

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