Thursday, August 4, 2011

W.E.S.T. August Design Challenge - Back To School

I know that we don't want to think about it, but the summer is coming to an end.


Thoughts are starting to turn to the busy fall season on Etsy and elsewhere. Our WEST artists have been working hard to get their shops stocked and looking pretty.

Let's not forget about Back To School.

Books, bookbags, school supplies, furniture.... oh so many fun things to think about.

So Back To School is going to be our design challenge for this month.

Here is some inspiration that I hunted down in a few WEST shops already:

Vintage Dictionary Custom Buttons
by Periwinkle Dzyns

What will you design.

Here's how it works. Check the forums and blog at the start of the month to get the inspiration topic. As you mull over what that particular idea means to you, jot down some notes in the discussion thread or leave a comment on the blog. Take pictures of your process and finished item and post them in the forum thread. We would love to hear the story behind how you arrived at your finished object!

I will post a separate feature for each item entered into the design challenge with a round up at the end of the month.

A few notes: Create something especially for the challenge. Entries for each month should be finished by the last day of the month. Vintage and supply sellers are welcome to participate, too, with a focus on artful photography and careful choice of item.


Happy designing!

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