Sunday, February 12, 2012

W.E.S.T. January Design Challenge Results

The W.E.S.T. January Design Challenge was "The Colour of Love." Members were invited to create something inspired by thoughts of love (positive or negative!). I think we set a record with this challenge, as we have EIGHT entries!

The first entry was from Katie of Hearthfelt Yarn Wreaths:

This pink yarn wreath is perfect for Spring, and will add some romance to your Valentine's Day decor. Soft pink yarn provides a subtle base for delicately formed felt flowers and buds. A subtle way to celebrate your love on Valentine's Day, this wreath is perfect for Spring, too!

Next was this entry from Tawny of Tawny Bee:

Tawny reminds us that all those single socks out there need love too, and this Lost Socks Keeper provides a special place for them to wait for their soul mate. This heart patterned Lost Sock Keeper is on the job until cupid shines down upon your laundry room and blesses your single socks with their perfect match!

Susana from Lemon Dear submitted this entry:

This anatomic heart is a one of a kind embroidery hoop art made by hand in a gorgeous rainbow-like chevron cotton fabric and stretched in a wooden hoop. The message of this piece is that love has no colour, therefore, the colour of love are all colours together.

The next entry was from Evelyne of Evecouture:

This is an Epipen Carrying case made of vintage upcycled pink velvet. If your kids have to wear an Epipen why not make it cute and comfortable!

Jynxx provided this entry for the challenge:

Here is a wonderful, one-of-a-kind, vintage style Valentine's Day charm bracelet that I call " KEY TO MY HEART." It is one-of-a-kind, with a variety of pewter heart, lock and key charms and beads! This bracelet would be the perfect Valentine's gift, or to keep for yourself!! 

Ruth from Periwinkle Dzyns submitted a matching set:

Ruth notes that the colour of love can also be cold, so she chose to represent it with a heart made of brass hardware in a rigid chain maille style, with this Nerdy Geek Chainmaille Brass Nut Repurposed Necklace Heart and matching Nerdy Geek Chainmaille Brass Nut Repurposed Earrings.

Here is Wendy's entry from The Silver Agenda:

Wendy notes that she's a wee bit obsessed with arrows right now and wanted to add more bracelets to her shop. This Sterling Silver Arrow and Heart January Birthstone Garnet Wire Wrapped Metalwork Bracelet includes a hand forged sterling silver arrow running through a fine silver fused heart. Wire wrapped genuine garnet beads are set between sterling silver diamond cut links. A handmade hook clasp finishes the piece. 

And the last entry was from Laura of Prairie Threads:

Laura notes that there was a time when one of her daughters loved "pink and more pink," and she was thinking of her as she made this Gypsy Pink Round Coiled Bowl from all her pink fabric scraps.

Now don't we have some awesome talent in Winnipeg? Thank you to all the participants in this month's challenge!

We'd love to hear from you--what do you think of when you think of "the colour of love?"

Stay tuned for the next challenge to be announced soon!


  1. Great work as always, everyone!! The diversity of creativity in this group is what I love the most =-)

  2. the variety on the same theme always amazes me!

  3. Gorgeous! I love all the entries. Well done WESTies!


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