Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WESTies Go Thrifting!

We made out like bandits!
Today I went thrifting with 2 gals from WEST (Etsy team).
Louise (left) and Deb and I had a blast! Check out their haul. Louise found housewares and display items and Deb found fabric, fabric, fabric!

We laughed at oldies we found at the MCC thrift store on Sargent.

Admired many wonderful vintage finds at Ruby Slipper on Sargent. found more goodies at Value Village on Ellice and the furniture thrift on Keewatin and had time to pop into Gale's Wholesale on route 90!

Here's my haul! For under $20 I found a vintage sewing basket, lots of notions and buttons, clip on earrings and lots of other odds and ends including 2 more pieces for my pyrex collection.

I had so much fun! Thrifting with like minded gals was such a blast! Join me next time!

This post was originally posted on February 4,2012 by WEST's team captain at PeriwinkleDzyns

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  1. I'm glad you guys had a successful haul of thrifted goodies!


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