Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY Jewelry Display Case

I have an exciting DIY for you today! I've been looking for a way to organize my jewellery, and I'd found some fantastic displays on Etsy, but they were all fairly expensive. So the other day I found this little cabinet at a thrift store and it is PERFECT!

Materials Needed:
1. Cabinet of choice from antique/thrift store or wherever you can find one!
2. Preferred size and quantity of screw hooks and screw eyes
3. Ruler
4. Pen or pencil
5. Pliers for twisting screws in if necessary

1. Purchase a small cabinet (I purchased this one at a local thrift store for $1.50!)

2. Two different screws: Screw Eyes for earrings (I used 1/2"), and Screw Hooks for necklaces (I used 3/8")

3. Measure along the top edge of the cabinet, and decide how many screw eyes you will want. I used 14 on top and 14 on bottom.

4. We divided the width of the top piece-where you want your screws to be-in half and drew a straight line. Then measure out intervals where you want your screws to go

5. Install the screw eyes. We found it works best if you hammer a nail into the spot a short way before attempting the screw eye to get the hole started.

6. This is what it looks like once all the screw eyes are in place :)
**Use Instruction #5 to install the screw hooks onto the bottom of the cabinet for necklaces.

Here's how mine looks now!

Cute drawers good for storing bracelets, rings, etc.


  1. A DOLLAR FIFTY!!? No way! That's amazing! I love what you did! Brilliant.


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