Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday! With the holidays just around the corner, consider making something by hand. Caitlin of Real Swanky has a quick, easy, tutorial for making a safety razor case, with pattern included!

What you need
--Vinyl or flexible, non-fraying material - I chose this grey vegan-friendly vinyl as a leather alternative from Mitchells on Main Street, and picked up the minimal cut that is required.
-- Pen
-- Scissors
-- Sewing machine
-- Thread and bobbin
-- Printed safety razor case pattern


1. Download the pattern HERE. Ensure when printing that it fits perfectly on a standard 8.5x11" piece of paper (check your printers settings)

2. Cut out the pattern, and trace it to the wrong side of your vinyl.

..as you can see, this is how you will set up your vinyl to sew together. Inner Flap Cover C lays atop Body A. Piece D sits about half an inch below the top of Body B.

3. Sew along the edges as seen here. If your pattern happens to slip a little, or you didn't cut it perfectly, no worries! Trim after sewing up to the point.  

4. Lay Body B on top of Body A, and sew only the bottom edge.

5. You'll notice the top layer has more width to it up top - this is to compensate for the volume of the razor that will fit in it soon enough. Line up the two edges on the left, and sew.

6. Line up the two edges on the right and sew down.

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