Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday - Super Easy Clothespin Bag

Summer...my favourite time of the year. It's a time for beaches, ice cream and hanging laundry outside. There is nothing better (as far as laundry goes) than the fresh natural scent of line dried linens!

One thing that comes in very handy when hanging clothes on the line is a clothespin bag.  This is a super quick (and cheap!) way to make one. Quick, cute and easy, what more could you ask for?


1 pair of infant overalls (bought for $2 at a local thrift shop)
1 hanger, preferably children's size (also purchased at thrift shop)


Basically this is a 2 step process. Cut and sew...that it!

Cut the overalls just at the crotch to make a straight bottom.

Turn the overalls inside out and sew a straight line 1/4" or so from the bottom edge. Finish edge with a serger, or if you do not have a serger, a simple zigzag stitch will do just fine.

Turn right side out once again and hang on your hanger.

That it! Your done! Now go do some laundry with your new clothespin bag!

This post is written by Andrea Davis and originally appeared on www.weareboundtogether.com

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