Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DIY Tutorial Time: Using Flowers from your Garden to Soften your Skin

Tutorial by Nancy of Nancy Blokland Pottery

I planted Calendula once, and now they are a permanent part of the garden. With their sunny yellow faces I am good with this. Here is a recipe to use this abundant "come-back-again-and-again" flower. It is edible too. I can share other recipes for that on another day.


You will first need to make up a calendula infused oil. I do this each season when the calendulas are flowering in the garden. They self seed so you won't have to plant them each year and they are so useful. To do this, pick fresh calendula petals, as much as possible, (NOT MARIGOLDS) preferably straight from the garden. Place in a pyrex bowl & cover halfway with olive oil. Boil this mixture until the oil has made the petals crisp like chips. It works fine on the stove, using a stainless steel saucepan, but takes longer than a microwave. When cool, place in a sterilized glass screw top glass jar. It will keep unrefrigerated for ages!

Step 1

· 3/4 cup purified water or rosewater or other floral water, e.g. lavender, chamomile, orangeflower (also called hydrosols)

· 2 teaspoons glycerin 

Heat water or floral water to 60°C, then add glycerin, stir thoroughly & heat again to 70°C. (I don't measure the temp, I just go by feel, the temp is not critical).

 Step 2

· 16g emulsifying wax for a lotion or 30g for a cream

· 2 tablespoons of calendula infused oil (see above for directions)

Heat the oils to 70°C, then pour the hot water in a slow stream onto the oil, stirring constantly. Continue stirring until the temp drops to 45°C when you add the next step.

Step 3

· 20 drops carrot essential oil

· 15 drops essential oil according to skin type, can be a mixture of ones you like & are suitable (see above).

Add the essential oils & mix thoroughly. If the cream is too thick, add a trickle of floral water, beating & adding until you get the consistency you like. Pot into sterilized glass jars. Voila!!!

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