Monday, November 22, 2010

WEST at the Creative Collection Craft Show

The Creative Collection Craft Show was on at the Crescentwood Community Centre this past Sunday. A pile of WEST'ers were there!

I was able to sneak away from my table for a short while to take a few photos. I know I've missed some people (Sorry Becca!) but I here are the ones I managed to snap:

The Creative Collection Organizer (Manic Mittens booth)

I know I missed photo ops with:

JLP Designs
Mozy Rue

I'm sure I missed a bunch of others. I'm sorry! If you have photos you would like to share and have write access to this blog, feel free to edit. Or email me (tawnykw (at) gmail (dot) com) with all the info and I'll add it.

If you were unable to attend the show on Sunday and want to check out the West participants - please visit the links to their Etsy shops that I've pasted in with their names.


  1. Well, you got the back of my table in Kiddlebug's pic, so I'm only half-missed. ;-) No least your camera made its way out of your bag! Mine not-so-much.

    (It was so great meeting you!)

  2. Hello hello!! Great pics!!
    I have a few more, including one of Zenbecca!! If anyone would like to see 'em, they're available right here =-)!/album.php?aid=310767&id=247572985379



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