Friday, March 8, 2013

WEST February/March Design Challenge Results

The WEST Design Challenge for February/March was based on the Pantone colour of the year, Emerald Green. And did WEST members rise up to this challenge?

Yes they did! I think this was a new record, with 10 entries!

Here are all of this month's entries, in order of submission:

Lego Inspired Building Block Slippers for Children by Magination

Wall or Table Planters With Gold Metal Lyre Harp Holders Emerald Green Ceramic Pair Set of Two by BitchinKitschKitchen

Green Striped Malachite Earrings with Silver Wire by KristasJewellery

Pantone Emerald Green Nightie / Cami . 

studded . sheer spider web tulle yoke by realswanky

Caitlin of realswanky notes: In the spirit of Pantone's Colour of the Year, St Patrick's Day, AND a massive sale at the fabric store.. I put together this nightie with sheer spiderweb tulle yoking! I lucked out and came across this lovely green material perfect for this project. Black English cone studs finish the edges of the shoulders with a spooky bang.

Fractal Necklace - Sierpinski Triangle in Apple, Copper and Emerald Green 

by DragonNerd

Mike and Shaunna of DragonNerd absolutely love how this Emerald green pairs with copper wire, so I just knew it had to incorporate copper in some way. I have a couple of options for combining wires, and decided to do a trio of colours: Emerald, Copper and my new Apple Green to join together in a Sierpinski Triangle necklace. The colours feel fresh and warm to me.

Highroads Dictionary Rebound Journal Recycled Book by PrairiePeasant

PrairiePeasant was inspired by a small piece of paste paper made several years ago, and thought it would make good endpapers in a journal. (Paste paper is kind of like finger painting for adults!) From there, I looked through all my books for any green books that might go with the paper, and found this vintage dictionary. 

Emerald Pot of Gold Large Round Coiled Basket / Bowl / Pot 

by PrairieThreads

PrairieThreads looked through all her green fabric and found some pieces of a men's cotton shirt. I like the way plaid fabrics look when they are made into coiled baskets, so that's what I decided to make. I wanted to try something different, so I made a ripply lace type edge at the top.

Ear Cuff Chain and Earrings - Emerald - 

Colour of the Year by SecretJewelry

Christa from SecretJewelry notes: After looking at a few color combo's for the Pantone 17-5641 color of the year, I knew exactly what I was going to do...Emerald/Teal tones and white.. What a perfect combo!

Black Leather Card Holder with Emerald Green Lining by WeAreBoundTogether

Emerald Green Textured Mug Cozy by AdorablesbyAlisia

 For Alisia of AdorablesbyAlisia, this was a different direction in both design and crochet technique. It was fun to try something new!

We'd love to hear from you. Aren't these fabulous emerald items? Which is your favourite?

Thanks to each participant this month! Well done team! 


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