Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Tutorials: Mistletoe

Are you ready for our third DIY?  It's mistletoe!
Here's what you need:

- Colorful Mini Pom Poms (I got brown/green/red ones at our local dollar store)
- Colored Yarn
- Styrofoam Ball in your desired size
- Glue Gun
- Glue Sticks
- Pin (not shown)
-Tack (not shown)

1. Start gluing poms on in a flower shape, one in the middle, 5 or 6 surrounding it
2. A little farther along
3. A full side
4. Tie the yarn in a loop so it can hang, make sure to tie a knot at the other end and push the pin through the knot and then into Styrofoam ball to secure.

Pucker up!

I used a tack to hand the mistletoe (see first photo), it works perfectly!
Happy crafting!


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