Friday, February 20, 2015

Foodie Friday: Who needs butter, am I right!?!

I have very fond memories from my childhood of my Ma making us popcorn on the stove top and that distinct smell and sound of the kernels being swished around in the oil as she furiously shook the pot. And the butter. Oh the butter. Well, times and tastes have changed a bit for me but I do still crave that fluffy treat now and again.

This time though I bust out the thrift store score air popper, some organic popcorn kernels (found at the lovely Vita Health Fresh Market) and some new toppings that leave out the cow but include an all new, vegan deliciousness. Coconut oil. Seriously, what CAN'T this wonder oil do!?! I've got some in almost every room in my house, so why not put it on my popcorn, too? This recipe is easy peasie but also allows you all kinds of freedom with options for seasoning beyond the coconut oil. One thing to keep in mind though: a little goes a long way. So, pop up that organic popcorn in your air popper or pot on the stove using, you guessed it, coconut oil and set it aside in a big bowl.

Now the REAL fun begins! Bust out a small pot and scoop about 1/8th of a cup or so of coconut oil into the pot to melt, depending on how much popcorn you popped. If it's warm where you are, chances are your coconut oil is already in liquid form but if it's not, melt it until it's clear. Drizzle over your popcorn and shake it like a Polaroid picture to coat the fluffs of popcorn goodness.

Then bust out your spice rack! My personal favorite is a pinch of Himalayan salt and a good dose of organic real cinnamon. A bit of sweet and a bit of savory. Another great spice to add is cayenne pepper which I can never get enough of. Just be sure to go easy as it adds a good lot of heat if you over-do it. Some other great combos to try: Turmuric. Curry Powder. Herbamare Organic Seasoning Salt. Basil and Oregano. Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Melt a bit of local honey or maple syrup with the coconut oil and drizzle. The options are really limitless! Let us know in the comments below what your favourite mix is! And come on over to my Dandee Eats page if you're looking for some food inspiration and discussion! Happy Eats!


  1. Wow, definitely have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yum yum yum! I've been using olive oil... why didn't I thin of coconut sooner? Thanks for the idea!


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