Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shout out : Smash Knits' 14 Days of Love Giveaway!

As a way to celebrate love and the art of handicrafts, Ashlee of Smash Knits has paired up with 13 other artisans to give back to the community that supports us, showcase some new pieces, and have some fun in celebration of all things Valentine's Day.

"For the next 14 days I will be hosting giveaways on my Facebook page; items that have been created and donated by some of Winnipeg's amazing talent!

The lineup is as follows:

1 - Ashlee of Smash Knits 2 - Andrea and Christie of Baby in Stitches 3 - Jody of Creative Authority 4 - Mandy of Over the Rainbow 5 - Wendy of Felt Loved 6 - Andee of Sew Dandee 7 - Courtney of iHooked 8 - Emma of Emma's Doll Party 9 - Melanie of New Fangled 10 - Lisa of The Park River Co. 11 - Marissa of Peridot Designs 12 - Ashley of Country Stitched 13 - Ashley of Chunky Knitz 14 - Kaitlyn & Mark of Wood n Knots 

I am kicking off the giveaway bright and early this morning
 with an Olive You pillow, and a Mum n Me headwrap and beanie combo. Winners are drawn at random, and will be announced daily."

Head to Ashlee's Facebook page to participate!

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