Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WESTie Wednesday ft. DesignMolloy!

Welcome to WESTie Wednesday, where each week we get to know a proud WEST member and their Etsy shop! Learn about Colette and her Etsy shop DesignMolloy!

A dynamic duo is behind the scenes of design molloy. We have been friends for over a decade and despite living in separate provinces (Manitoba & Saskatchewan), we are able to work efficiently and very effectively together to create all types of graphic designs. It all started when a birth announcement caught my eye one day and I shared it with my friend Debbie. Creative juices started flowing between us and we collaborated on a unique design - a piece of art that told the story of her first born's arrival into this world. Since that first step, we have been honored with creating all types of unique designs that share important life stories! The birth of design molloy was with this flagship "birth story" and we continue to branch out with new designs. We are inspired in many ways - by our friends, family, authors, musicians, amazing Etsians and local artists, nature and the world around us. I am the primary graphic designer behind our shop's creations and Debbie provides consulting services that includes both creative and business support. The other hats we wear - we are both mommas, I am a photographer and Debbie is a consultant pharmacist. We use Adobe software to create our masterpieces and utilize DropBox, email, texting and Skype to share back and forth. Thank goodness for technology. We print in house for sizes up to 12x18" on our high quality, professional Epson printer and out source for larger sizes and specialty items such as cards, banners, wedding invitations, etc...."

"We provide graphic design services of all types. We specialize in word art creations (typography) and enjoy creating fresh word art versions of existing business logos. We also create new branding looks for businesses, invitations of all types, cards, banners, brochures, etc... Custom projects are exceptionally rewarding for us because we are passionate about bringing your unique story to print. Our Etsy Shop houses many of our creations and the library is growing. There is a selection of family-related gifts that can be personalized to suit the client's needs (e.g. family trees, name prints, grandparent gifts). As well, we offer many inspirational quotes, nursery / children's art, poems, wedding gifts, in addition to our flagship birth stories!"

"Etsy is an excellent platform for us to share our gift-related pieces and provides motivation for us to keeping creating and listing new items. Etsy works well for our busy lifestyles and makes it easy to be two provinces apart and still collaborate!"

Want to see more? Be sure to check out Colette on social media!

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